Sunday, January 6, 2008

Friday Night Dinner: Focaccia, Veal Marsala & Saffron Pasta

Last night I was in a weird veal mood. I made a focaccia with calamata olive tapenade base, fresh basil and garden tomatoes. The veal was with marsala, artichoke hearts and capers.The pasta is Capunti with saffron, sage, rosemary, Locatelli and cream. Fresh basil finished it off.Not a bad night. Good for Hemingway too. (My 5 year old Maltese).

Sausage Pepper & Patatoes

I broke 3 cloves of garlic into olive oil and sautéed the sausage pieces, and then added the 1 large green and 1 large red pepper. Let the cook for a bit, salt and peppered and removed. The I placed a slightly par-boiled red potato and a 1 Idaho (cubed) into the sausage oil. covered and browned. I added 1 large sweet basil leaf (chiffonier).I continued cooking the sausage and peppers in another pan until peppers browned nicely. Salt & peppered the potatoes and viola! Dinner. Wine: 2004 Terrasses, Ventoux (Rhone)