Sunday, March 27, 2011

2006 Jones Family The Sisters - USA, California, Napa Valley (3/27/2011)

Pop and pour.
Having been a fan of these for a while (since the 03 vintage), I can tell you that there is no better feeling than reassurance of ones feelings and opinion, something that I have never been short of. This 2006 remains such an incredible staple in my cellar, as I get down to my last 7, I start feeling a bit melancholy; I know the 2008s are upon us now, and I know it's pretty great in its own right, but does it know that the shoes it need to fit into, lets call it the 'Sisters high water mark' has been set, all I can do is wish it luck. Them's some big shoes.

Today, I walk through a field of violets. The darkness we have all come to expect from these is still in play; the nose is spring violets, black currant and black cherry. The palate shows super breed and structure with tons of deep layers. An incredible array of black fruits with some red tinged fruits lying in the background. Spring flowers dominated by a very intense violet note really makes this love at first sight, but wait, there's more: Black cassis with Kirsch, black-cherries, cola, Kirsch, some soft vanilla notes, some cigar box, and hints of soy sauce. Initially on pop and pour you really need to pay attention as thing enter and exit quicker than Lindsay stays at rehab, but if you do, you are rewarded because now as I write, maybe 15 minutes after starting, the violets have subsided and more black fruits have emerged. The balance is deft and the finish is long. This really remains one of the best deals in the Valley. (95 pts.)