Thursday, January 29, 2009

2005 Frostwatch Cabernet Sauvignon

Opened at 5pm Wednesday. My advice? Don't drink on Wednesday.
This is full, unresolved in the least and reticent beyond reason.Open it and wait 24 hours, Thursday. BAMM. Bobs your uncle and Fannys your aunt.

Its rich and full. Deep dark black color. The nose is all blackberries and cassis. Wow. Its pure and clean. Great mouthfeel and structure with some nice soy notes, tar and leather. This is softly sweet and generous with nice balance. Great acid carried this one forward effortlessly. A nice super long and pure cab finish. If I had more I would not touch until the Republicans are back in control. I really like this wine. Can you tell?


A Ray Ormand find.