Monday, February 4, 2008

2000 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

2/3/2008 rated 91 points, almost.
Advice is a funny thing, especially when you don't take your own.
On my last outing with the 2000 Mondavi Reserve I recommended that you open it 1 day in advance. So what do I do on Saturday for Saturdays bottle? You guessed it, I open a 2000 Mondavi Reserve and start drinking 3o minutes later.
Not wise. Especially since I was warned by my favorite critic: me.
What was I thinking? It's not like my notes are buried. Anyone hate vegetalnees more than me?

So I Vacu-Vin the 2nd half and put it back in the cellar for Sunday.
Come Sunday...BINGO. It was a totally different wine. Lush, fruit forward and almost seamless.

Will I ever learn?

11/9/2007 rated 89 points: The color as dark old brick, not brown. (after 1.5 hours) The nose revealed slight vegetalness. On the tongue one get the feel of the elegance and breed, but initally slightly akward. Great cassis, cocoa, tobacco leaf, and tar. The fine tannins reside in the background. An admirable mouthfeel and the typical handling of acid a-la Mondavi; Deft. Moderate finish. The vegetalness never really disappeared. I would rate this a solid 90 if the veg was not present. All in all not a bad $30 drink, but I would be perturbed if I spent $125.

2nd day- This evolved nicely. Much more plush and elegant. Great expressive fruits shooting upward through the opening of the glass; black cherry, currant/cassis, black plum, and boysenberry. The green has subsided, but still slightly present in the background. No longer offensive. A bit longer in the finish as well.

This wine is singing tonight. 89+ points.

Plan to open this 24 hours in advace. You will not be dissapointed.