Sunday, February 22, 2009

My first 99 point wine. (MP 99 that is)

Last week I had the pleasure of tasting some great cabs with friends. All showed good to great but one has stuck in my sensory memory bank for 8 days. I actually thought of it more than the US economy, (but slightly less than my economy). I have checked WS no less than twice daily for new arrivals within driving distance. 2 are sched'd to be shipped tomorrow. More will follow.

I think I may have actually tasted one of the greatest wines in my life yet, a pretty heady statement since I've surely tasted 10,000+ if I tasted 1. (and yes, I've learned to spit early on). I gave this wine a MP95, but will be visiting my written notes and changing to 99. The wine you ask:
2004 Buccella- Wow. dense and brooding. This had it all and it was all strutting. Dark chocolate wrapped black cherries . Soy, kirsch, cola, wow. This had structure and elegance with flash and fury. I love this bold in your face style of pure cali-cab. A super long dense finish with gobs of fruit. One of the greatest wines I have ever tasted. wow. 99/100