Friday, January 18, 2008

TN: 2002 Kuleto Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - REDUX

(1/18/2008) Youthful deep color. Intense sweet cassis on the nose. On the palate the first thing you notice the purity. There is an amazing smooth sweet cassis, dark cherry, and deep tar going on here. I am a big fan of the lush elegant style this wine brings. The mouthfeel reminds me of a top Pomerol. Sure, it's fat, but what's wrong with fat? This has a finely weaved tannin level and an 'in your face' (not in a bad) way acid level. The finish is long and smooth. This is still wonderful, and there is no sign of any change on the horizon. A great deal at $39. Recenty found for $25 and a SCREAMING deal at that. Glad I got me more. Drinks like a $100 bottle of Napa Cab...really. Holdng at 94. (94 pts.)

(2/25/2007)Ultra dark intense crimson color with the slightest purple edge. The nose shows some anise, currant, cherries, cassis, and espresso. On the palate there is a wonderful purity and lushness. A dark fruited medley with espresso and cocoa. This Cabernet has an amazing soft mouthfeeel and a lilt balance of fine tannins and acid. To me this is more of a drinking wine than a food wine. This is a truly special Cabernet, especially when you take into account its cost; $40. A modern day Napa QPR. Over the past few months this wine has evolved nicely. It has picked up much more character, and has ironed out its rough edges. Drinks like a $100 Napa, and that ain't easy to do. Wow (94 pts.)