Saturday, June 11, 2011

2008 Two Hands Cabernet Sauvignon Charlie's Patch (Napa Valley) DELIVERED POPPED & POURED

Dark. Inky black-hole dark. Nose shows some notes of cassis driven black fruits but this wine is so primary you really have to look (almost like a barrel sample). The palate right off the bat reveals mountain fruit, and a lot of it. It is pure and slightly unfocused now, but this should really pull together nicely. There's all black fruits of currant, blackberries, black raspberries and black plum. Did I say currant? I should again. An almost cola note shows itself as well. Tannins are humongous and acidity perfectly in balance but the real story here today is the finish....this just goes and goes and goes. In May 2011, my CLONYC tasting group had the good fortune to host Michael Twelftree of Two Hands Wines and taste through a dozen of his latest releases. He had shared with us many of his thoughts of wine, one being that all of the great wines of the world have one thing in common, and that is a great finish ---and if there was ever an example of somebody putting their money where their mouth, its this Cabernet. As I type I still sense the purity of the black fruits on my tongue, and we're talking many minutes since I type slow (still peck & hunt). Sure, it's young, but it is so delicious that I have zero guilt on opening this today. I have a few wonderful porterhouse steaks in line for a bit later, its cool and comfortable outside, albeit a bit wet, and it's Saturday. This is not for the faint of heart, and I am not the faint of heart type of guy. Todays Charlie's Patch could vie for the my favorite Charlie's Patch out of the last four vintages, and 2007 was no slouch......93 points