Monday, February 2, 2009

2006 Long Shadows Sequel Syrah

A John Duval wine. Super concentrated and brooding color, this is one serious Syrah, probably the most serious I have had in a few months. A bright but elegant fruit profile with blackberry and blueberry pie. This has the mouhfeel of a new world and the class of an old world Cote Rotie. This will appeal to fans of both styles. White pepper and anise with some smokey bacon. The structure is mind boggling. Long and elegant, but smooth and well balanced. A velvety texture of tannins and a lithe acid level makes this a winner. I truly love this one. Can you tell?

2005 Long Shadows Pedestal

80% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cab Franc. Aged for 22 months in 85%new French oak.

The nose on this is huge. Red flowers with red cherries and red plums. This is somewhat austere on the palate with a somewhat high acid level and drying tannins. I found a very admirable mouth feel with clove and chocolate, and some cedar and spiciness. Great 'bones'. This should be wonderful in about 3 years. Right now its in a tough place, but the pedigree shows. A Michel Rolland wine.

2005 Long Shadows Pirouette- WOW

Dark and mysterious purplish hue. The nose is sweet black fruits intertwined with flowers petals and earth.The palate reveals a super plush and elegant mouth feel with seamless intertwined and ultra classy tannin level. There is wonderful of black currants, black cherries, soy, earth, and a creamy pure tight wire of joy. Philippe Melka is involved with this one and it shows the talent this man brings to the table. He is a a French man with new world sensibilities. This is very much like many of his other wonderful wines offered from California that I have sampled, Lail Cuvee Daniel particularly comes to mind. The finish is very long and smooth. A must buy in the $55 range. 93/100 and nothing but upside.

57% Cabernet Sauvignon
20% Merlot
14% Syrah
5% Malbec
4% Cab Franc
22 months in 75% new French oak