Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some 'cool' Shiraz amongst friends

A few of us gathered at Walkers in Tibeca to partake in some 'cool climate' Australian Shiraz. The wines were interesting, but the company was fantastic.

1999 Greenock Creek Apricot Block - Sweet berries dominated the nose and carried over to the palate. The acid level was slightly elevated. An over ripe example that was an early crowd pleaser, but alas to my taste it got old (the sweetness) quickly, especially when more elegant wines hit the table. 88/100
2002 Berrys Bridge Pyrenees – Pure ripe blueberry pie and flowers. Although had the better nose of the two berry bridges, the ’04 was smoother on the tongue. Somewhat awkward and thin in the midpalate. 87/100
2004 Berrys Bridge Pyrenees - Not without its issues: Goodyear tires on the nose big time, and tractor-trailer size to boot. Strange, once past the nose this showed some elegant blueberry, slight tar, some graphite. A strange wine. Maybe a bit cooler this would have shown better. 86/100
2003 Tintara Reserve Shiraz- I may differ with Greg’s final point about this not being cool climate. This surely was a very different styled wine, but still not jammy and hot, as a matter of fact this was elegant, and pure with a graceful mouth feel. Nicely balanced great black fruits abounded. Slight cassis made this a winner for me and an early WOTN. Which became the night’s No. 2 for me. Glad I have more. 93/100
2004 Heathcote II – Medicinal. So much so I could not bring the glass to my mouth, but when I did I squinted and quivered. N/R
2004 Wild Duck Creek – Great nose, Super red fruits with some tar, cherries, and slight cocoa. A great balance of purity/tannins/and acid made this a WOW wine for me. No perceptible heat to speak of and a long finish made this the WOTN…easily.94/100
2005 Terlato & Chapoutier lieu dit Malakoff- Yeah, the French influence was showing big-time here. I wish it had more stuffing. I found it a bit jammy. I immediately thought Cotes du Rhone. I wish I could have believed Cote Rotie instead. 87/100