Monday, December 31, 2007

TN: 2004 Dain Wines Syrah Sojourn Las Madres Vineyard

12/31/2007: Dark crimson color with beautiful transparent edges showing off a lovely purple red color. The nose is subdued; some pomegranate, some vanilla. Interesting. The palate is explosive with sweet red & blue fruits; wonderful blueberry has very much taken hold. An amazing layer of soft vanilla is evident. There is a certain something I have never experienced before. For once in my life I am speechless...
This has perfect weight, and the tannins are lying in the background nicely and a wonderful acid level is in attendance. Fantastic long & smooth aftertaste. There is much happening here. I harkens back to a term I learned from a fellow wine lover; "Mind bender". This is such a wine. A serious, sensual gratifying assault on all of my senses from the neck up. 750 ml of elegance. My last bottle. I got to get me more of this. Well done Dain! (93 pts.)