Saturday, June 16, 2007

TN: 2005 Rebel Wine Cabernet Sauvignon The Show

2005 Rebel Wine Cabernet Sauvignon The Show - USA, California, Napa Valley, St. Helena (6/11/2007)This may be the 'Three Thieves' but it ain't three thieves in the bottle...and that's a good thing. The color is deep dark crimson with purple tinges. The nose is subdued muted red fruits. The palate reveals some soft tannins, quiet red cherry, some camphor and cassis after about 30 minutes. A nice agreeable finish. Overall a little one dimensional, but nothing negative that keeps it from becoming an everyday drinker. Great QPR. (85 pts.)

2nd Day; This wine hs opened up to be a lush, mildly more interesting decent drinker, with better defined reds fruit, and overall just better all around. . Enough to gain a point or 2. A definate QPR alert here folks, just open 1 day early. Drinks like some $40 jobbies from recent memory. (87 pts.)

Sometimes I forget why I love wine. I find myself always being critical of its finer nuances and loosing sight of the real reason I want it in my life. Yeah, I know it brings people together blah blah blah, but sometimes you need a reminder that this 'thing of ours' is fun. This bottle is a reminder, This is a fun wine. I mean....look at the labels!!! (3)