Friday, October 1, 2010

2007 Jones Family The Sisters - USA, California, Napa Valley

My theory of pop & pour for all (most?) 2007s has been debunked.
I did pop and pour this. It was dark and viscous. The nose had some hidden black cassis, black cherry, camphor and black plums. This was very fragrant with a hint of violets and spring flowers. The Cab Franc made itself known. The palate had shown some gracefulness & purity right out of the gate. A very nice start--but after about an hour this evolved into a plushy refined, elegant & interesting wine. The fruits come more 'forward' as well. It was full and round with well woven tannins and an acidity that worked well with some challenging foods over lunch. Some sassafras, lead pencil and fresh rubbed leather all made an appearance as well. Nothing big and brash about this one, it fell in step with what I have come to expect from Jones Sisters in the past, having recently had every vintage since 2001.
A very decent finish that kept the fruit alive. Very nice indeed. Still one of the best QPRS in the valley. Started by Heidi, finished by Thomas, where could you go wrong? (93 pts.)