Monday, November 5, 2007

An interesting wine taste observation

Yesterday I opened what amounts to my 3rd bottle in 2 months. (I have been going real easy, getting in shape and lowering some numbers).

Anyhow, I opened this good bottle of Cab, figuring it would be nice to enjoy with dinner.

I decanted and let sit in my glass. it was good. Then I opened the sliding door to my deck and took my glass with me, sat it down while I lit the Weber, and took another sip. WOW. Much fresher and bigger fruit. I even enjoyed the cool glass smells right before sipping. It was not that the wine cooled, but the environment around it did. Fresh NY fall air. Lots of red and yellow leaves on the ground. Wonderful clean air. 50 degree F. with a light breeze. And this all showed in my glass.

I finished up and sat for dinner. Same good wine but the exterior wow had subsided. Needless to say I finished the last half a glass a fresco.

Maybe its the fact that I have been away for a bit, combined with the fresh air. So to all those posts asking if any particular environment treats wine better, my answer is a resounding....yes.

I should hold my next OL outside.