Sunday, March 22, 2009

2008 Congruence Cabernet Spring update

Last month I had told you about a new and exciting venture undertaken by my friend Steve Eisenhauer, Congruence Cabernet. His vision is a house blend of Cabernet Sauvignons from top parcelled vineyards in the Napa Valley to create a sum that is unique and complex. One would think it would be easy, but I can assure you in speaking at length with Steve about this, it's not.

For the 2008 Congruence final blend, which was first mentioned here, there were 4 different site components consisting of 5 barrels in total.

Steve contacted me for this impromptu tasting of these plus the final blend in a moments notice. I said, sure, a Sunday tasting Cabernet? Of course.

Sample # 1 was reddish ink in color that left a viscous covering on the glass. There were some nice fruits of black cherries. The mid-palate was slightly hallow, but the finish was long and sweetish. Interesting. The grace.

Sample #2 had some really great vibrant dark classic transparent color. A fragrant floral nose that was amazing, really amazing. The palate had a more classic fruit profile of cassis and blackberries. This was a slight angular and chunky. Tannins were surely evident. The muscle.

Sample #3 again had the deep dark color. The nose had some very interesting brambly qualities I truly enjoy. There was also some herb and leaf notes with some earthiness and tar. Big and brawny, this sure had its own profile. The fruits were a combination of red and black: back berries, currant, kirsch, an red cherries. The depth.

Sample #4 was from a totally different site (slightly more up-Valley), and it was evident. It was the blackest of the group with brooding color. It was also the plushest of the group and I sure like mine plush. A very intense & lively full bodied mouth feel, this was elegant and lovely. A true black fruit profile that any cab lover yearns for and the nose was worth the price of admission alone. This had nice balance of tannins and acidity unseen in any of the others. The class.

The final blend was all of the best components mentioned above. The breakdown from 1-4 was 40%, 20%, 20% & 20%. A truly multi dimensional fruit filled wine with grace elegance, brawn and complexity. I say a few years in the bottle and this will be sure to be a winner to have in the cellar. I think Steve has achieved his goal and will have a wine he can be proud of.