Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The State of the Union…. of my glassware.

My fellow wine lovers. Glassware has become a tremendous part of our ‘thing’. Years ago you had limited options that amounted (by today's standards) to average uncut crappy glasses as the INAO (seen here left).

I remember when the Les Impitoyables hit the market. I bit. I got the Mature Red (No. 3, right), and 2 Champagne (No. 4). Pricey, but nice. My Mature Red has not been used since the mid 90’s, and my Champagne circa 2000. I must admit, I would use the Champagne often if I were a bigger Champagne drinker. 1 Bottle a year does not a big drinker make.

These days I enjoy a few types of glasses. Most recently the Waterford Mondavi Syrah glass (left). Great feel, elegant and nicely balanced. A special wine glass for special wines. I have owned the Waterford Mondavi Cabernet glasses, but found them too big.

My everyday glass for the last year is the Riedel Ouverture Red Wine glass (below right). I purchased 15 or so tubes (4 glasses) last December 26th from bed Bath and Beyond. They were marked down from $30 per tube of 4 to $12.99. How could I not grab all I could? They make great gifts, and I still have enough on hand for a decent group tasting at my home. The stem is shorter but the feel is great.

Previous to the Riedel I regularly used the Spiegelau Vino Grande Magnum Bordeaux (below left). Nice feel. Very similar to the above Riedel, just a longer stem. They break a bit easier on the faucet, so in the back of my cabinet they sit.

I have recently checked out the Crate & Barrel Loire line-up. The Sauvignons seems pretty good. Nice feel, but slight rough visually when spun in your thumb and forefinger. At $7.95 they seem like a good candidate for the dinner table, or situations that can get a bit rough like dinner on the back deck. I will grab 4 when I get a chance. Crate and Barrel glassware has come a long way in the last year. In the past they were awkward and unbalanced.